Sabir Sultan Khan

Music is in my blood, Sarangi is my first love! <3


Sa se Sabir, Sa se Sarangi!

December 28, 2012



I was exposed to music when I was six years old through my grand father Ustad Gulab Khan Sahab. I never thought that I would be ever able to share the same stage for any concert with my father, Ustad Sultan Khan. I truely miss his presence in my life.

My dream of organizing a tribute concert for my father came true, in November 2012 with the blessings of my Papa. We organized a week long 'Ustad Sultan Khan Music festival' in Jodhpur with 70 artists and a day's concert in Mumbai, with Salim - Sulaiman Merchant, Ustad Zakir Hussain, who was very close to my father, Karsh Kale, Deepak Pandit & Akriti Kakkar. I would like to thank all those who made this concert happen, especially, Om Chhangani Uncle, who is very close to my heart,  and ofcourse, Deepak, without whom this wouldn't have been possible.


My youtube channel:

My technique of playing Sarangi is a rare combination of sur and laya (note and rhythm).

I have composed various beautiful tracks, and I simply love singing! Visit my youtube channel and watch this space, as I keep you posted about all my upcoming concerts! Till then, spread love with great music! \m/